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Nike - Crop Top Training

Nike - Crop Top Training

Nike Training Tight (XS) | Nike Crop Top (XS) | Nike Women's Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Shield Running Shoes (Size 5) | Watch Garmin Fenix 5s Pro

Nike is hands down my go to brand for activewear. First off it lasts longer and wears better than any other brand of activewear I have found. I workout a minimum of 5 days a week so my activewear gets a lot of use. I also usually find that Nike fits a little on the small side which is great if you are petite. Plus Nike always makes me feel pulled together. I got these leggings and crop top as a suggestion in a Trunk I received from Nordstroms Trunk Club. I was a little afraid of the crop top but I loved the pop of color. I’ll take anything that motivates me and gives me inspiration. Sometimes you just have to put on the outfits that make you feel good. This outfit certainly does that. I love that it’s bold and the neon embellishments give it a little something extra. I find it a little easier to be motivated when I put on gym clothes that I feel confident in. There is something to be said about the psychology of dressing for the occasion. I get into my workout just a little bit more and work just a little harder. If you are feeling a lack of motivation here are a few things that help me. The first thing if you are able to, get outside and get some fresh air. I am so unbelievably fortunate to live in a city that has amazing outdoor spaces to utilize. I’m a runner at heart. It’s my therapy, my happy place, and I feel I get the most bang for my buck running. It’s also where I do my best thinking and work through problems. It’s much cheaper than therapy and I highly recommend it. If you’re a therapist and reading this I do apologize. My bad. Secondly, a good playlist can make all the difference for me. Music has a way of pushing me through and it makes it a whole lot more fun. When in doubt, dance it out! My third tip is have someone in your life that will hold you accountable, even if from afar. My best friend and I still try to compete with each other on who got the better workout. Silly yes, petty definitely, helpful one hundred percent. It is less about competing and more about having someone to push you to keep going. Although seriously it’s always a competition. Technology can also be super helpful. I have a Garmin wearable that tracks my workouts so I can see if I start to slack. I also really like some of the fitness apps out there. Downdog is fantastic for yoga and it has great music within the app which is a bonus. I also really like the Pelaton app and use it frequently. Just a quick note, you do not need to own a Pelaton bike to use the app. I have my road bike on a bike trainer and use it for their cycling classes and it works great. Peloton also offers a huge variety of training options outside of cycling and I can take it on the road with me. These are things I use everyday that help me stay active and healthy. I hope you find them as helpful as I do!